Mine Waste Management

Mincore offers a fully integrated liquid, solid and
energy waste solution for the mining industry
The mining industry is currently experiencing a major transformatio
resulting in many new challenges. Mincore has a mine waste
management team that provides innovative solutions to meet
changing requirements and conditions in the mining industry. The
team leverages the past and looks towards the future to develop new
practices and techniques to build a tailored solution.
We can design a simple tailings storage facility and more advanced
solutions such as filtered tailings, and the integration of recycled
water, waste and underground backfilling. We are committed to
working with your team and providing the best solution for your project
by taking a holistic and long term view and adopting responsible mining principles.

Our Mine waste services

Our services include the following:

• Project Development Support
• Estimating Services
• Detailed Design/Specification
• Fully integrated mine waste management engineering

Our engineering services from planning to post closure of mines

Strategic engineering

o Integrated solid mine waste across the mine site above and below the surface.
o Integrated water management above and below the surface.
o Remote monitoring and prediction of the long term effectiveness and risks of operations
o Integrated energy management and inclusion of renewable energy and smart grids
o Inclusion of recycling strategies for solid and liquid waste
o Zero waste strategy

Generic engineering
o Concept to details design
o Commissioning
o Training Audit
o Optimisation
o EPC experience

Basic engineering

Geotechnical Engineering
▪ General geotechnical such as haul road, foundation design, slope stability
▪ Waste rock dumps
▪ Tailings Dams
▪ Thickened and paste tailings
▪ Underground mine backfill

Water management
▪ Groundwater control
▪ Dewatering
▪ Drainage
▪ Water balance
▪ Interaction surface / groundwater

Mechanical & Material
▪ Filtered tailings plan
▪ Mass balance
▪ Material handling

Civil & Structural
Electrical & Instrumentation
Project Management
Construction support

We follow the latest technical guideline updates outlined below:

• Guideline on Tailings Dams (2019) – Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD)
• Management of Tailings and Waste-Rock in Mining Activities – Reference Document (2009 & 2017) –European Commission
• Guidelines for the justification of embankment dams and levees – French committee of dams and lakes
• Tailings Management – Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry (2016)
– Australian Government
• Best-practice framework for sustainable development in the mining and metals industry – International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)