Heap Leach

Mincore offers a fully integrated Design and Construct service for Heap Leach facility

A few key factors have a significant impact on the mining industry in the long term.  One of these is that the ore grade quality is declining in all mining regions in the world

Mincore is an agile company and responds to these changes by continuously developing our in-house expertise and updating our services for the future needs of the mining industry. As a result, Mincore realises the importance of becoming an expert in mining systems dealing with low grade mining operations and has developed an excellent in-house team to address most aspects of heap leaching design such as geotechnical, environmental, civil  and mechanical. We can also provide strong support in procurement, commissioning, construction support, closure and optimisation.  We also have access to a large network of international expert to address more complex aspects of heap leaching such as stacking and leaching methods. We can also assist your project develop a safe and efficient heap leach operation across flat or rugged land, wet or dry climate and seismic regions. We can also deal with water management, environmental impact assessment, decontamination and recycling of the left over leached ore.

Our Heap Leach services

Our services include the following:  

  • Project Development Support
  • Detailed Design/Specification
  • Estimating Services
  • Procurement support
  • Construction services
  • EPC
  • Fully integrated heap leach management engineering

Our engineering services from planning to post closure of mines

Strategic engineering

  • Integrated heap leach from concept, to pilot and full scale operation.
  • Integrated water management.
  • Remote monitoring and prediction of the long term effectiveness and risks of operations
  • Full geotechnical service including planning and supervision of ground investigation, laboratory testing and geotechnical design of heap pads and stacks including assessment of local construction material.
  • Design of solution ponds, leachage collection systems, irrigation and raincoats.

Generic engineering

  • Concept to details design
  • Commissioning
  • Training Audit
  • Optimisation
  • EPC experience

Basic engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering
    • General geotechnical such as haul road, foundation design, slope stability
    • Pad and stack design
    • Ground investigation
    • Solution pond design
    • Lining system designSeismic design
  • Water management
    • Surface water management
    • Ground water management
    • Drainage
    • Water balance
    • Interaction surface / groundwater
  • Mechanical & Material
    • Pump and pipeline design
    • Mass balance
    • Material handling
  • Civil & Structural
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Construction support
  • Commissioning

We follow the latest technical guideline updates outlined  below:

  • Principiles of Design and Operations of Wastewater Treatment Pond Systems for Plant Operators, Engineers, and Managers – EPA – United
  • Guideline on Tailings Dams (2019) – Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD)
  • Leading Practice Sustainaible Developmenent Program for The Mining Industry – Cyanide Management – Australian Government – 2008
  • JRC Science for Policy Report – Recovery of critical and other raw material from mining waste and landfille – European Commission – 2019
  • Heap Leaching Tehcnique in Mining – Within the Context of Best Available Tecnicque (BAT) – Euromines – 2012